About Us


About Us

Kusurinlab has a clear vision focusing on advanced pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates.

Our aim is a long-term ethical business with sustainability. Our business partners have vast experience in fine chemicals, pharma intermediates, and technical grade agrochemicals.

Our aim is a stable supply chain without affecting the finished product price. For stable supply, we have business partners who are well experienced in vapor-phase and fluorine-based chemicals. They can provide chemicals at kg scale till now and quite confident for bigger scale.
Currently, we are offering chemicals on a kg scale.

Commercially we can offer with the help of a third-party manufacturing facility.

Lab Information

Kusurin Lab is a manufacturer, exporter, and trader of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Our curing APIs are highly rated by our customers. Delivery was timely and smooth.

Supply responsibility

Globally, there is a growing demand for affordable, high-quality medicines as the world's population grows and ages. Our overseas affiliates receive the best products.


The Kusurin Lab consists of modern laboratories, a pilot plant for testing and producing herbal medicines, and a research station. Our priority is quality. Our quality control procedures are rigorous.

Moral Responsibility

Considering that pharmaceutical products are supposed to heal and save human lives, we take great care to guarantee that our products are of the highest quality possible at every stage.